Our Mission, Vision & History

Our Mission

Pathway’s mission is to help participants become substance-free, mentally and emotionally stable, financially self-sufficient and live independently in safe, substance-free, affordable, permanent housing.

Our Vision

Pathway to Recovery is the recognized leader in providing holistic quality care and housing for people with addictive and mental disorders. We facilitate total recovery through collaborative partnerships and a continuum of care. Pathway optimizes available resources to provide participants with the opportunity for a productive, substance-free life.

Our History

Pathway was the result of a task force created to look at the needs of the homeless in Indianapolis.  The task force discovered that homeless individuals suffering from an addiction and mental illness were the most at risk underserved group within our city’s homeless population.  They were left to advocate and case manage for themselves within a fragmented service delivery system.  We had mental health programs for the mentally ill and we had substance abuse programs for the addicted, but we didn’t have anything for those who suffered from both.  These individuals were recycled through jails, missions, hospitals, psychiatric units and other institutions.—stuck in a perpetual cycle of chronic homelessness.  Pathway was created to address this need.