Pathway is the only program

Providing income-based, peer driven, substance-free transitional and permanent housing in Central Indiana. Pathway provides a solution for individuals graduating from other programs, which allows those agencies to decrease their waiting lists and create space to serve those in desperate need of help. Pathway’s programs provide the additional time and tools necessary for individuals in early recovery to build strong, sustainable, substance-free lives while also supporting others following in their footsteps. 

Housing is matched with Individual Needs

Pathway offers three levels of recovery housing.  Each level has different criteria with placement depending on housing, recovery, stability and employment.  Applicants are not required to begin at Pathway-I and may enter advanced phases programming from other community programs.  Applicants are not automatically added to a “waiting list”.  Interviews are required after eligibility is confirmed to move forward in the process.  Please contact the staff member listed below connected to the housing level. 

For general information, contact Director of Operations Larry Lynn at [email protected]  Office-317.926.8557

“Pathway offers sustainable sobriety, stability, and self-sufficiency while creating a perpetual giving cycle of service to others”.

Sandy Jeffers

Executive Director, Pathway to Recovery, Inc

 Level-1 Supportive Housing

Submitting an application does not guarantee eligibility or admission

For Pathway-1 (entry level program), Contact William Clayton at [email protected] or Kat Stuart at [email protected]

ENTRY LEVEL (Pathway-1) Transitional Supportive Housing with shared rooms; 24/7 structure & support. Meals included.  The average length of stay 6-9 months prior to advancing to next level

2135 N Alabama St, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Admission Criteria (Men Only):

  1. Over 18 and safely detoxed
  2. Lack stable housing
  3. History of substance use disorder
  4. Agree to mental health services
  5. Agree to minimal 6-month stay
  6. Comply with all program structure
  7. Work toward Successful Discharge

Successful Discharge Criteria:

  • 6 Months substance-free
  • 6 Months mentally stable
  • 6 Months financially self-sufficient
  • 6 Months stable income

 NOTE: Submitting an application does not guarantee admission or eligibility.

Level-2 Semi Independent Living

Submitting an application does not guarantee eligibility or admission

For Level 2: Contact Chris Newgent at  [email protected]

Semi-Independent Living (Pathway 2 or 3). Transitional living for individuals successfully exiting entry level recovery programs (Ave stay 9-18 months). Furnished private rooms w/shared common areas. Rents are based on income (utilities inc.). Meals not provided 

2149-51 N Alabama, Indpls., IN 46202

203-205-207 E. 22nd St. Indpls., IN 46202

Admission Criteria (Men Only):

  1. Exiting an entry level program 
  2. Six Months Substance-Free
  3. Six Months 12-step participation
  4. Six Months Mental health stability
  5. Six Months consistent employer and income
  6. Six Months self-pay rent history
  7. Willing to sign 6 or 12 month lease
  8. One month’s rent and $200 Security Deposit

 Level-3 Permanent Housing

Submitting an application does not guarantee eligibility or admission

For Level 3: Contact Larry Lynn at [email protected]

3173 N. Central, Indpls., IN 46205

3742 N. Pennsylvania St, Indpls., IN 46205

3427 N. Capitol Ave, Indpls., IN 46208

 Admission Criteria (Men or Women):

  1. Men or Women over 18 exiting a transitional living program for residents in recovery
  2. Six Months Substance-Free with documentation of successful previous program completion
  3. Six Months actively engaged in 12-step recovery program
  4. Six Months actively engaged in 12-step support network
  5. Six Months compliance with mental health treatment plan (if applicable)
  6. Six Months consistent employer and income
  7. Six Months self-pay rent history
  8. Willing to sign 1 year renewable lease
  9. One month rent with one month Security Deposit required

If Pathway’s programs are not a fit for you, here is a list of other recovery resources: