Pathway’s 6 programs represent three levels of housing

Pathway offers three levels of recovery housing.  Each level has different criteria with placement based on homelessness/housing status, recovery status, mental health status, and employment/income status.

Phase I (Pathway – 1 men only) is the entry level transitional housing program where most residents begin their journey into recovery.  The minimum length of stay is 90 days with an average of 6 months.   Applicants are homeless, lack a safe permanent night-time residence, have a substance abuse issue (Drug/Alcohol), are willing to comply with a mental health treatment plan (if applicable), and will work toward financial self-sufficiency via employment or disability benefits.  Participants learn basic living skills involving structure and routine and build a foundation for recovery.   Once a resident becomes stable within his recovery and mental health and becomes financially self-sufficient for a minimum of 90 days, they are eligible for Phase-II (Pathway-II for women or III for men).

Phase II (Pathway – 2 women) & (Pathway – 3 men) requires 90 days recovery and stability, 90 days previous history of self-pay rent with 90 days of consistent income and entering into a minimum 6-month lease agreement requiring a $200 security deposit.  This phase gives residents the opportunity to put into practice new behaviors learned in transitional housing.  Women share an 8 bedroom duplex next door to Pathway-I, while Men share a 9 bedroom triplex across the street.  Participants live in a furnished home with private bedrooms and live as a family or community sharing the same life goals. Once residents are successful in phase-II, they are eligible for the final Phase of Permanent Housing in their own apartment.

Phase III (Pathway – 4,5,6 ) requires 6 months recovery and stability, 6 months previous history of self-pay rent with 6 months consistent income,  and entering into a one-year lease agreement including a security deposit equal to one month’s rent.  Phase III  includes 3 apartment buildings that are safe, affordable and 100% drug and alcohol-free.  Residents can live in their own apartment indefinitely as long as they continue their recovery program, maintain financial independence and give back to new residents starting their journey in recovery.  Sober living communities promote positive lifestyle choices. Residents are committed to recovery and are assured their neighbors value this lifestyle as much as they do. Rents are based on income making apartments affordable to everyone.

Since Pathway began over 25 years ago, over 1,414 homeless men and women suffering from addictive and mental disorders have come through our doors, of which, 52% (736) left clean and sober, mentally stable, financially self-sufficient and permanently housed. Program graduates returning as peer support specialists help the new man and woman coming off the streets, creating a perpetual giving cycle, decreasing relapse and building a sense of community. But that’s not all – Pathway’s programs were created by transforming vacant, dilapidated properties, into safe, affordable, substance-free housing – improving lives and communities! 

Pathway I – Entry Level (men only)
Contact Program Director Ashley Sorrell  

Pathway 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 Level II or III
Contact Housing Coordinator Chad Allen