Pathway provides safe, affordable, substance-free housing for over 94 homeless men, women, and families. In 2016, Pathway housed 140 participants within the six programs. Pathway-I, the entry level program, where participants begin their journey, serves an average of 45 to 50 individuals each year. Pathway-I provided 8,346 units of service (24 hour period) of structured, transitional living services (16,692 meals, 4,500 hours of support services, and 1,500 hours of community living groups). In addition, 70% of participants exited the program with an income, 72% were abstinent from addictive substances and psychiatrically stable, and 55% were placed in permanent housing upon program completion. 1,496 homeless persons have been served since Pathway first began, of which 782 (52%) were successfully placed in permanent housing. Within Pathway’s six housing programs, 30,849 units of service (24 hour period) were provided in 2016.


One Man’s Journey…

Jerry was living outside at a homeless camp, drowning his depression in alcohol and feeling hopeless.  He had given up on ever having a productive life, until one day he was convinced to visit Pathway. He was intoxicated, crying, embarrassed and ashamed. He was afraid that if he stayed at Pathway, someone “more deserving” wouldn’t get a bed. He was also afraid that if he left his friend at the camp, his friend would freeze to death because he wasn’t strong enough to carry firewood. Jerry even worried that his stray cats would starve. The outreach worker promised to check on Jerry’s friend and feed his cats. After more encouragement, Jerry finally agreed to stay.  He has been clean and sober ever since and it will be two years December 22, 2015. Jerry got a job, which was required to graduate from Pathway-I, our  entry level transitional supportive housing program, to phase-II, our semi-independent living program across the street. Jerry is working toward his own safe, affordable, substance-free apartment at Pathway-IV, V or VI, where he can live permanently so long as he remains sober, stable and self-sufficient. He also mentors the new residents just starting their journey at Pathway-I.  On November 11, 2014, Jerry’s friend from the camp also moved into Pathway. He is approaching his first year recovery anniversary sober and stable.  Your support matters to us….


Sandy Jeffers, Jerry and Jeffer’s niece presenting a picture of Jerry as Santa giving “gifts of sobriety” to his cats